White Winter November is when the winter naturally starts with continuous snow fall coming from the north of the country and can last as long as 5 months up till March. The snow cover from winter can reach as thick as 30cm. Winter is at its coldest in Kazakhstan during January. The lowest temperatures are characteristic for the north-eastern parts from where frosts reach as low as -54°C while the southern temperatures are rare to fall below -30°C.

Vibrant Spring Spring starts as early as February from the southern areas and then slowly spreading up to the north. The amount of time Spring takes to fully reach the northern parts is around one to one and a half month. A telltale sign of spring coming is that people start working in the fields. But while the south is busy planting the land, the north can still be covered with ice and still experiencing winter blizzards.

Spring lasts a maximum of 2 months in most areas with southern daily temperatures reaching 16-18°C. Night frosts stops around May in the north and in April in the south.

Sundrenched Summer Summer starts around May from the south and lasts around five months. During this season, temperatures can go as high as 38°C in the north and a scorching 46°C in the south with relatively low humidity. Expect strong winds and thunderstorms in early summer. Weather in the western steppes during summer is mostly dry and hot while it is very rainy and warm in the plains towards the east.

Temperature is at its warmest in July, with average temperature reaching 19°C in the north and 28°C to 30°C in the south. Late springs and early autumns in the northern region doesn’t really leave summer much time to shine itself to its fullest.

Yellow Autumn By September, autumn arrives and slowly spreads down towards the southern region. It is at its fullest by October. During this time, weather is more cloudy, rainy and windy in most parts of the country. Semi-desert zones will experience the first freezing weathers in October. The desert plains might still experience sunny, hot and dry weather in October and November. Autumn in the mountainous areas is usually rainy and misty and snow falls early here.