General Info


General Info

Official name: Republic of Kazakhstan

Demonym: Kazakhstani

Declared independence: 16th December 1991

Finalised independence: 25th December 1991

Population: 17,948,816 (July 2014 estimate)

Area: 2,724,900 km2 (9th largest in the world)

Administrative divisions: Almaty, East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Akmola, North Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Mangystau, Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Karagandy.

Climate: Continental

Terrain: vast flat steppe extending from the Volga in the west to the Altai Mountains in the east, and from the plains of western Siberia in the north to oases and deserts of Central Asia in the south

International organization paticipation: United Nations, Commonwealth of Independent States, International Atomic Energy Agency, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Capital: Astana (previously known as Akmola)

Government: Presidential republic

President: Nursultan Nazarbayez

Prime Minister: Karim Massimov

Official languages: Kazakh, Russian (official in public institutions)

Ethnic groups: Kazakh (63.6%), Russian (23.3%), Uzbek (2.9%), Ukrainian (2%), Uyghur (1.4%), Tatar (1.2%), German (1.1%), others (4.5%)

Currency: Tenge (KZT)

Calling Code: +7-6xx, +7-7xx

Time difference: UTC +5 (West)/ UTC +6 (East)

Drives on the: Right

Electricity: 220V–240V, 50Hz, type C or type F power sockets